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Skipole widgets

This site displays examples of skipole framework widgets.

For example; at url /skiwidgets/checkbox/CheckBox1 the CheckBox1 widget is displayed.

Further information about the skipole framework can be found at

The following is a list of modules, each containing widgets, choose the module to list its widgets.

checkboxCheckbox widgets and forms.
confirmButtons and links providing options to confirm, accept, cancel.
debug_toolsUsed to aid debugging, for example, displaying the environ dictionary.
dropdownWidgets displaying dropdown forms.
error_messagesUsed to display error messages.
footersDefines widgets which may be used as, or within, page footers
headersWidgets to be typically used in a page header section.
infoWidgets which display information - for example timestamp, page ident, etc.
inputformsVarious input forms, with submit buttons.
inputtablesTables with input fields.
inputtextContains widgets for inputting text.
linksLinks, including links to page idents, and tables of links with get fields and link text.
listsLists, including unordered and ordered lists with JSON settable content.
loginsWidgets displaying login forms.
parasParagraphs, including paragraphs showing TextBlocks and error messages.
radioRadio buttons.
svgbasicsSVG basic tags and shapes.
svggraphsA selection of SVG graphs - can display values sent by JSON.
svgmetersA selection of SVG meters - can display values sent by JSON.
tablesText tables.
textareaWidgets containing a textarea to insert into a form.
uploadWidgets containing an upload input button to insert into a form.