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Bernard Czenkusz


Current Projects


Skipole is a Python WSGI application generator, which can be used to create dynamic web pages.
Template pages containing widgets are populated by your own Python funtions.


Skilift works with skipole to create and develop a project. Once deployed, skilift is no longer necessary.
Both skipole and skilift are available on Pypi.


Provides functions for converting between the INDI protocol and redis storage, and accessing values stored, also contains functions to optionally transfer the INDI protocol via MQTT.


Provides an INDI web client for general Instrument control. The package does not include indiserver or drivers, but is compatible with them. Though INDI is generally used for astronomical instruments, it can work with any instrument if appropriate INDI drivers are available.


Illustrates widgets used by the skipole framework. Widgets are organised in the framework by modules and then by module name.
An example of each widget can be found at this site: